Christmas Cooking Begins!

Hello Friends…as per my lack of posting I would like to provide a list of valuable excuses.

1. I was moving.

2. Moved

3. Not unpacked

4. Didn’t have internet hookup for two weeks

5. Job’s kickin my butt

6. Warding the cats from the Christmas Tree Ornament

and last but not least the real one….7. My camera has gone¬†kaput. It can get by with taking friendly photos out, but as far as food glamor shots it’s done for. The viewing screen also quit working. So let’s all pre-thank my parents for letting me know their getting me a kick-ass new one for graduation slash Christmas gift.

Since I can’t pic…I’ll post. Christmas is the best time to get fat. I’ve been throwing in a couple extra miles a week at the gym…and skipped dinner completely tonight due to accidental cookie tasting. Not the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. However the guy somewhere in the building that sounds like he’s strumming kids plastic string guitar and belting Jason Mraz songs might be. ¬†(I like old school Mraz. Just not the dude screaming it here)So back to the point. Last week for work I made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Yum. Tonight I”m conquering a new recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter. I think I’ll try to crank out another round of Snaps by Sunday as well. Don’t worry folks…still cookin, still baking, still trying to maintain sanity. A few more weeks and foodie pics and rambling blog jabber will return per

normal. In the meantime…let’s think about what to bring to Family Christmas in Fremont this weekend… happy eating!

I’ll link the recipe I used for this…simple and to the point. I think next time for flare I might throw a handful of peanut butter and chocolate chips in there.